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EOS+ Platform

EOS+ Platform for Network Programmability

EOS+ is a software platform for network programmability. EOS+ enables programmatic control of the network with end-to-end solutions, providing customers the ability to automate their network for reduced operational cost and improved responsiveness for managing workloads and workflows. EOS+ offers pre-built applications from Arista and a wide variety of partners with the ability to customize directly or with assistance of Arista EOS Software Consulting services. EOS applications provide complete solutions with support from Arista’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

Key Platform Offerings

EOS Applications

  • Fully TAC supported applications addressing key network automation needs
  • Customizable to individual network needs by the customer or with the support of EOS Consulting Services
  • Key applications:
    • ZTPServer – Enabling zero touch intelligent dynamic end-to-end network provisioning
    • EOS Telemetry Suite – Providing targeted data collection with configurable intervals, thresholds, and alerts
    • EOS DirectFlow Assist (DFA) for Security Acceleration – Designed to offload or assist an attached in-line or out-of-band security platform such as a firewall

EOS Consulting Services

  • Leveraging industry recognized experts to help advise and build a Software Driven Cloud Network
  • Expert advice and implementation of network focusd DevOps tools and methodologies designed to accelerate business agility
  • Onsite or remote EOS-focused development with a team of seasoned network software programmers

EOS Development Environment


  • Rich, well-structured set of APIs, including eAPI and Linux APIs, and SDK making all layers programmable
  • vEOS, a virtual test environment for EOS, to accelerate application deployment and development
  • EOS SDK for direct integration with switch operating system for network applications that require low latency and high performance