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Cloud Networking Solutions

Cloud Networking for Everyone

Networking has come a long way over the last five years. From legacy, hierarchical and over subscribed models to non blocking one tier spine and two tier leaf spine. Scale is no longer an issue.

The real question is how do you integrate with the network. When you look at how you operate networks today, the level of automation and integration depends on your skill.

How do you become Cloud-like?

Introducing CloudVision a network-wide database approach for integration and automation. We take your day to day workflow of operating the network (essentially what your NetOps team do) and automate that workflow. we take the integration for various workloads with overlay technologies and controllers and automate that with a single point of integration.


Network-wide database

CloudVision provides a Network-wide database and allows for the following;

  • A single state approach for the network
  • A single point of integration for the network.
  • A single place to manage, configure and operate your network.

Essentially its a platform that allows for integration, configuration and visibility across the network.

3 ways to Integrate and Operate with CloudVision

  • CloudVision is an instance of EOS running on as a VM on a server. It has a master database of the entire network.
  • CLI – network wide
  • Rest APIs or OVSDB protocol and OpenStack plugins to integrate the network into controllers and overlay technologies.

This provides a single point of integration with the entire network. When you integrate with overlay technologies there’s also the question to how do you scale? And how tightly are you coupled to the exact hardware and how VXLAN works and how learning and flooding work and so on. In reality, what you really want to do is decouple and to a great extend be controller agnostic.

10x Performance Improvement

CloudVision provides this abstraction layer and because we use a binary format between all the switches and the network wide database you get a huge boost in performance.


Turnkey provisioning for the entire network

  • You can automatically provision all your switches centrally from one place.
  • You have a single tool to manage code upgrades, scripts, extension, patches and get the entire audit log off every change that was made to your network.
  • You can config compliance and validation also through CloudVision.

When you look at Datacentre networking and Cloud networking we have to rethink our configuration models.

Cloud Titans do not use a configuration per switch or per router. They have global templates and lots of automation and scripts that generate the runtime configuration for the network.

Similarly, with CloudVision you get one place to provide Global Configuration for your entire datacentre. As an example, when it comes to triple-A policies there is no reason to reconfigure this by device by device when you already know your triple-A configuration is going to be identical on all network elements.

CloudVision provides you with a way to have this hierarchical model in a single place that you can configure your Global Configs, part config, spine leaf and so on.