Events | Comsys

Comsys technical Masterclasses are a new approach to group problem solving and peer to peer discussion, aimed at technical system administration professionals and technical infrastructure managers.

The idea is that you get together for a structured technical workshop to discuss the challenges you face in various technology areas, facilitated by an expert in the subject. In this structured learning environment, participants explore recurring technical problems and solutions developed by peers and industry experts. This is a technical “deep dive” session where nothing is “too technical” for discussion and difficult questions are an essential part of the day!

Our Masterclasses are structured along the following format:

  • Introduction to the subject matter and the current typical issues customers face.
  • What is the current best practice with regard to the technology in question?
  • Whiteboard driven – hypothetical solutions to common problems and technical tips.
  • Planning for change – best practice around the next steps in terms of migration and the evolving infrastructure.