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Comsys has been at the forefront of designing and building enterprise technology for over 30 years, and now under the country’s leading IT provider, Evros Technology Group, we can manage your enterprise services.

The depth of Managed Enterprise Services experience from Evros is now our greatest asset in delivering custom-built solutions for your business requirements.

Why would that matter to my business?

Whatever your support needs, Evros offer a complete one stop shop for all your technology requirements. All tailored individually to meet the needs of your business.

Our next-generation IT servicing solutions sustain excellence in IT Strategy Review, Solution Architecture, System Design, Data Migration and Solution Implementation, and Infrastructure Management.

  Find out how Comsys can help your business!

With over 50 highly trained engineers at your disposal, your turn-key solution for both Cloud and on-premise IT infrastructure is fully administered by dedicated technical management, with flexible Opex and Capex models to suit your requirements.


Managed Cloud

Fully Management of Virtual environment
Fully Manned 24/7 Support
Professional Services Support

Private Cloud

Dedicated infrastructure
Custom built to meet your needs
Fully managed system


Dedicated seamless delivery of solutions across Public, Managed, Private Cloud and onsite IT
Facilities staged Business
Experienced design team

Hosted Desktop

Fully Managed Infrastructure
Flexible Delivery
Easy Mobility

DR Cloud & Online Backup

Fully Replicated Environment and data
Local and Offsite Infrastructure
Standby Infrastructure


Delivery of Managed Microsoft Azure Solutions
Experienced Cloud design team
Direct connectivity to Azure and AWS



Our new Managed Cloud Services delivers 24×7 management and support of your entire infrastructure from our ISO20001-accredited Network Operations Centre. Our monitoring solutions are tailored to meet each customer’s specific requirements with issue alerting for all IP-enabled devices. The NOC team consistently measures system performance, carries out upgrades and system patching and searches for trends on our customer systems to pre-emptively detect and resolve issues. Once an alert is detected it is dealt with immediately by a highly trained team of systems engineers. You can rest easy knowing that as an issue occurs, it is being dealt with immediately by the top professionals available in the industry.




Our support options are delivered according to principles outlined in internationally-recognised ITIL standards, which includes:

  • Maintenance
  • Break/fix and warranty delivery
  • Security services
  • E-mail management

  • Data back-up
  • Service desk outsourcing
  • Technology logistics services for projects that involve the moving or replacement of equipment

Join Comsys at the forefront of Digital Transformation

We have had extremely positive feedback from customers who have experienced our solutions first hand, and we would encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Our team will be in touch in the coming days with more information, or feel free to contact us directly.