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Oracle Solaris Support

Comsys is key strategic business partner of Oracle for both hardware and software in Ireland. Previously, Comsys was a strong partner of Sun Microsystems and as such, we have a long history of implementing Sun technology in a wide variety of environments and in for many different applications.

Oracle Solaris provides customers with the most choice in system types to meet their challenging business and technical needs. Its innovative, built-in features deliver breakthrough virtualization, high availability, advanced security, and industry-leading performance.

As a strategic Oracle Solaris business partner, we provide a range of support services and solutions for the Solaris installed user base in Ireland.

Specifically, we provide the following services around Oracle Solaris:

  • Migration from older versions of Solaris to Solaris 10 or 11
  • Solaris Systems Health Checks and Performance Tuning
  • Solaris Support Contracts – on either 24 x7 or 9-5 basis

Some Key Features of Oracle Solaris

  • Oracle Solaris Containers—Virtualization functionality included in Oracle Solaris that enables customers to create multiple application environments within a single instance of the OS; through the use of software-defined boundaries, customers can achieve greater efficiency of IT resources by consolidating systems and securely isolating applications and services.
  • Oracle Solaris DTrace—Allows you to use the dynamic instrumentation and tracing capabilities in Oracle Solaris to see what’s really going on in the system; it is designed to be safely used on production systems—without modifying applications.
  • Oracle Solaris Predictive Self Healing—Allows the server to accurately predict component failures and mitigate many potentially serious problems before they actually occur; if an application or service fails, the built-in restart mechanism automatically restarts the application or service.
  • Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions—This advanced security feature implements labels to protect your data and applications based on their sensitivity level, not just on who owns or runs them.
  • Oracle Solaris ZFS—An advanced file system that simplifies administrative tasks, protects data from corruption, and scales from the desktop to the datacentre.