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Virtualisation Health Check

If your virtual server environment is starting to show signs of degrading performance or reliability issues creeping in; then it’s a good time to have whole virtual environment independently assessed, before deciding on hardware or software upgrades.

As part of our specialised technical services – Comsys provide a detailed virtualisation health check for your virtual machine infrastructure. An independent health check is the best way of getting the true picture of how well your virtual servers are performing and identify any potential performance or reliability issues that may be occurring.

The Virtualisation system health check and performance service offers you the following:

•    Identify bottlenecks in the virtual server environment
•    Thorough audit of the system
•    Identify tuning enhancements to increase performance
•    Give status report on overall system performance
•    Suggested amendments required to improve performance

Specifically, the virtualisation health check involves using specialist monitoring and analysis tools to thoroughly examine the performance of the VMs and their hardware.

The Cosmsy virtualisation health check will highlight any areas where the system may be in need of re-tuning and at the end of the health check you will receive a written report of the status of your virtual environment.

Project Deliverables

The final health check report is a detailed analysis that includes:
•    In depth look at how your virtual server environment is performing day to day.
•    An itemised list of any issues discovered.
•    Itemised suggestions for how virtual servers and the hardware they reside on can be reconfigured, updated, or otherwise modified to realise the best possible performance.

For more information on Comsys virtualisation health checks, please contact Gareth Martin on +353 1 283 4056, or email