Virtualisation Readiness Assessment | Comsys

Comsys provide a simple but highly effective Virtualisation Readiness Assessment which helps you to quickly determine where to start and outline a solid plan to fast track your virtualisation project.

VMware consultants can help identify server consolidation opportunities within your existing physical IT infrastructure along with the key application interdependencies to ensure a successful implementation of VMware vSphere.

Comsys Virtualisation Readiness Service – at a glance

•    Understand the financial advantages of virtualization for your organization through an estimated total cost of ownership and return on investment analysis.

•    Educate your application owners and stakeholders about the power of virtualization to solidify their support and buy-in.

•    Rank the best virtualization candidates in your environment through a virtualization candidate report.

•    Mitigate potential risks by identifying application interdependencies and determine the best candidate applications for virtualization based on your specific organization’s requirements.

•    Exploit the full benefits of virtualization by assessing your IT landscape and determining  your potential cost savings for your implementation  of VMware vSphere

Virtualisation Assessment Service with Application Discovery Manager (ADM)

The VMware Virtualisation Assessment Service with ADM helps you fully leverage the benefits of server virtualisation, the first step in cloud computing. Working closely with your team, our VMware virtualisation experts conduct in depth interviews and application owners, and use data gathered from VMware vCentre Application Discovery Manager and VMware Capacity Planner to analyse your servers and applications resulting in a prioritised virtualisation candidate list.

Our Approach

Comsys Professional Services consultants follow a four-phase approach which includes:

Interviews – Comsys VMware consultants will start by identifying your organisation’s business drivers to gain a clear understanding of your current infrastructure including the applications and technical requirements.

Collect – Our consultants use assessment questionnaires, VMware tools and third party toolsets to gather information to define use cases and server candidacy. The inventory, usage and performance data collected on servers, end users and applications provides the information needed to determine the best virtualisation architecture.

Analyse – Application Discovery Manager and VMware Capacity Planning tool analyses performance data collected from both the installed applications as well as information collected from pre-site documents, team interviews and discussions to look at application and network interdependencies.

Report – Comsys VMware consultants deliver a comprehensive report on your server candidates for virtualisation and which services should be migrated together. The report includes an assessment of the application environment and how best to move forward with your vSphere virtualisation deployment.

Project Deliverables

The final virtualization assessment report is a detailed analysis and plan that includes:
•    A consolidated ROI/TCO analysis describing the potential savings of your virtualisation strategy.
•    An itemised list of servers and applications suitable for virtualisation
•    A complete roadmap plan including a risk mitigation strategy specific to your environment to meet your IT and business objectives.

For more information on Comsys Virtualisation Readiness Assessments, please contact Gareth Martin on +353 1 283 4056, or email